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Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting 2016: Real Estate & Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding platforms have changed real estate investment by enabling individual investors to participate in direct real estate investments that had historically been limited to institutional and high net worth investors. The number of real estate investments being orchestrated through crowdfunding has increased exponentially since the passage of the US JOBS Act in 2012, and the number of platforms offering crowdfunding access to real estate investments has tripled over the past year. Join this session to discuss the anatomy of a deal from both the borrower’s perspective and the crowdfunding operator’s perspective. Faculty willreview and compare the requirements for Regulation D, Regulation CF, and Regulation A+ offerings (also known as Title II, III, and IV, respectively) as they relate specifically to real estate crowdfunding. The panel will also discuss and provide you with the tools to navigate the regulatory compliance regime governing this cutting-edge source of capital.

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International Blockchain Real Estate Association Conference: Crowdfunding Panel

To register, go to the conference website at http://www.ibtcrea.org/conference/ 

Presenting the International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA) and its first ever conference dedicated to applying Bitcoin technology to the $38 trillion real estate industry. At this full day event, top professionals from both industries will gather together in panel discussions, working groups, and beach networking activities. Much more than a conference, this gathering will integrate with IBREA’s Slack community, Library, Startup Center, Consulting Services, LinkedIn networking, and AngelList.

TOPICS: Crowdfunding, Smart Contracts, Intro To Real Estate & Blockchain 101, Conveyance & Title, Overseas Real Estate Remittance, Startups & Investing, Industry Adoption & Legal Hurdles, and more. CROWDFUNDING

Crowdfunding with Bitcoin and other platforms has the potential to 1) Remove the need for trusted third parties, 2) Digitize ownership and 3) Automate profit disbursements. A sponsor could raise funds by creating digital shares in a single property and then selling the shares to investors. This means that investors get tokens that represent shares of the property they purchase. The title is on the blockchain. However, legal questions remain about how to match the current system of paper ownership of shares with digital ones.

There's a simpler implementation however. All real estate crowdfunding companies can accept bitcoin as a payment option from their investors. RealtyShares was the first one to do this, starting in February 0f 2014. They said, "Given that we have a global investor base and everything on RealtyShares is electronic and digital, a global and digital currency like Bitcoin is a perfect fit. In fact, about 15-20% of RealtyShares Investors are located abroad. And for these investors, transferring money to the U.S. is not only a time consuming process but also involves various bank and related fees."

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Investment Crowdfunding 101: Investing and Raising Capital With the Crowd

Hosted by General Assembly; Co-Sponsored by Legal Hackers LA and the LA Chapter of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

In May 2016, the last of the JOBS Act regulations will become final, paving the way for the investment crowdfunding industry to take off. Whether you're looking to invest money or raise money, come learn from industry experts about which regulation you should consider raising funds under, how to ensure a successful crowdfunding campaign, and what to look for as an investor.  

We'll also have representatives of several startup and real estate investment crowdfunding platforms and industry service providers in attendance!

Speakers to include:

Moderator: Robert Kang, Southern California Edison, IAPP Knowledge Net Chair

Amy Wan, Crowdfunding Attorney & Former GC of Patch of Land, amywanlaw.com 

Sam Guzik, Crowdfunding Attorney, Guzik & Associates

Lew Feldman, Attorney and Investor, Heritage Ventures

Georgia Quinn, CEO of iDisclose (demo)

Register at: http://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Legal-Innovation-Meetup/events/229823605/

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